Our people

Dr Alissa Cait

Alissa received her PhD from the University of British Columbia in Canada in the department of Microbiology and Immunology under the supervision of Dr. William Mohn. Her thesis looked at how metabolites derived from the microbiome impact the development of atopic disease.

Dr Cait is part of the translational immunology team lead by Dr Olivier Gasser.

Research interests

For every human cell in our body we are host to at least one microbial cell. These microbes are critical for our immune-system development. My research interests are in better understanding how our microbiome interacts with our immunes system and how we can modify this interaction to promote health.

Research group

Translational Immunology
Translational Immunology Group Leader: Dr Olivier Gasser
Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Dr David O'Sullivan
Dr Alissa Cait
Dr Jeffry Tang
Research Officer: Yanyan Li
Katie Gell

Research projects

My current work in the Gasser Lab focuses on the role of the microbiome in driving a productive vaccine response.