Down with Cancer

"CAR T-cell therapy saved my life. I know I got the fairytale outcome – but this is possible for others too. Let's raise $1 million to help fund the Malaghan Institute's CAR T-cell therapy programme, and get this breakthrough technology to other Kiwis that need it."

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A health research system worth investing i...

13 August 2019

Through long-term capability funding via the Independent Research Fund and contestable funding for specific research projects and researchers, the HRC’s investment has been “transf...

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Government matches ambitions for cancer immunotherapy

The CAR T-cell cancer therapy platform has got the backing from the New Zealand government in a recently announced funding deal.

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Scope 69: Global networks tackling big problems of human health

Global problems require global solutions. And when it comes to addressing global health issues, international medical research networks are vital.