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Who we are

The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand’s world-class independent biomedical research charity with a focus on breakthrough discoveries in immunology and immunotherapy.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, our cutting-edge research and clinical trials are advancing understanding of the immune system and its relationship to human health.

Our value lies in being an independent research organisation backed by the community.  As a registered charity, we are owned by New Zealand, for the benefit of all.  

Our key areas of research and discovery are:

World-class immunological research and clinical trials come together on a single site at the Malaghan Institute. This enables scientists and clinicians to work side by side, making new discoveries in the laboratory, translating them into new treatment options, and testing them in the clinic.

More than 140 researchers and support staff work at the Malaghan Institute, deepening understanding of how to use the immune system to fight disease.

In addition to Senior Research Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows, we have a commitment to educating, fostering and developing young scientists, PhD and Masters' students to ensure the continuing success and excellence of scientific research in New Zealand.

The Malaghan Institute Trust Board provides governance to the organisation, representing a balance of commercial and scientific expertise. Our Māori advisory group, Te Urungi Māori provides advice to the leadership team, with an overall view being equitable health outcomes for Māori as a result of Malaghan Institute activities. 

While independent, we have developed and maintained close collaborative relationships with tertiary institutions, Crown Research Institutes, hospitals and clinics throughout New Zealand.

We also collaborate with some of the best globally-recognised research institutions such as Harvard University, the University of Oxford, James Cook University, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Czech Academy of Science, to progress our various areas of research. 

Tūramarama ki whēuriuri,
Māramarama ki whēkerekere
Ka ahoaho ki whea?  Hei anei!

All darkness given light
Things unknown can be understood
The light can be found where?  It is here!
It is

Our karakia, E Ara (Rise Up) was written and gifted to us by Dr Ruakere Hond. The full version can be viewed here.

How the Malaghan Institute is funded

The Malaghan Institute is is a registered charity, funded through a range sources including philanthropic, government and corporate in order to deliver cutting-edge advancements in immunology and immunotherapy with global impact.

Through this diverse funding, the Malaghan Institute has developed the capability and expertise to deliver significant health and economic benefits to New Zealand, while retaining the freedom, flexibility and spirit to make breakthrough discoveries.

All of our expenses and activities are independently audited and our financial statements are published annually in our annual reports.