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Kylie Price

Chief Technology Officer, Hugh Green Cytometry Fellow

Kylie Price is Chief Technology Officer and Hugh Green Cytometry Fellow at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. She has 20 years experience providing strategic, scientific, and operational direction in multidisciplinary environments.  

Kylie leads the Hugh Green Cytometry Centre, a team of highly skilled technology scientists in providing supporting to over 80 scientists at the Malaghan Institute. The Hugh Green Cytometry Centre provides access to cutting-edge technology platforms (including flow and spectral cytometry, histology, bioimaging, genomics and bioinformatics), and advises multiple research groups both nationally and abroad.

Kylie also has a strong leadership track-record, organising high profile networking events, such as CYTOAsia Singapore 2017, and directing international organisations, such as the Australasian Cytometry Society of which she is former President (2015-2016).  Kylie is a two-time New Zealand Woman of Influence Awards finalist (2014 and 2018) and finalist of the 2021 NZ High Tech Awards.  She was the first New Zealander elected to the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) Council (2018-2020) and was elected ISAC Secretary in 2020.



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