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Dr Olivier Gasser

Group Leader - Gasser Laboratory

Dr Olivier Gasser completed his postgraduate degree in Biomedical Research at the University of Basel (Switzerland) in 2004.

Following postdoctoral research at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland (2004-2006), Harvard Medical School, USA (2006-2009) and back to the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland (2009-2011), Oli joined the Malaghan Institute in 2011 to become a Senior Research Fellow in the institute’s vaccine immunotherapy programme.

Oli leads the Gasser Laboratory, investigating relationship between environment, nutrition and the immune system.

"My research interests lie in the bidirectional communication between the immune system and host metabolism, with a strong emphasis on the gut and its resident microbes. My research group and I will ensure the Institute's research efforts will be a key pillar of the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge. In particular, my research will focus on novel mechanistic aspects of the human immune system that could provide immediate impact to the fields of immune health as it relates to cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases.

"In essence, the Gasser Laboratory will aim at revealing the immune system’s evolutionary role as an environmental sensor, not purely restricted to pathogens but incorporating signals and stressors of metabolic origin, providing a distinct and holistic approach to disease prevention and cure."

MSc (Strasbourg), PhD (Basel)




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