Social media community guidelines

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is active across a number of the social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We use them to inform, educate and raise awareness of our research and discoveries and to build an informed and engaged online community.

We encourage contributions to our pages but to maintain a safe space, free from harmful content, we ask that you:

  • Be respectful. Do not make comments that contain offensive, profane, defamatory, threatening language or which are otherwise inappropriate in a public forum. These comments will be removed in accordance with the Harmful Digital Communications Act and you will be blocked.
  • Do not share disinformation or misinformation. Any comments or posts that publish false or inaccurate information, deliberate lies or attempts to mislead will be hidden and you may be blocked. While we cannot review all comments for accuracy, we reserve the right to reject comments we consider, on the balance of probabilities, to be deliberate falsehoods.
  • Stay on topic. Only make comments that are relevant to the topic or theme of the post. If you disagree with our view on something and decide to make that point every time we post, your comments will be considered spam. You may also be blocked from our pages.
  • Do not post advertisements or solicitations in our comments section. Do not use fake accounts or ‘bots’ to troll our pages. Do not tag us in profane and offensive posts or tweets. Such tags will be removed and you will be blocked.
  • Protect your own and others’ privacy.Never post comments containing personal, identifying or confidential information such as account details or other personal information including address, telephone number, email, passwords, etc.

When active on our social media pages, you are expected to also comply with the terms of service for each platform:

We reserve the right to:

  • determine what constitutes inappropriate content
  • edit or entirely remove inappropriate content
  • ban users from our social media communities. 


Our social media accounts are monitored between 8am and 5pm on business days, and periodically in the evenings and on weekends and public holidays. We try to reply to questions within 24 hours on business days. 

Use of social media by our employees

Malaghan staff are free to engage on social media in a private capacity. Any opinions or views expressed in these posts or discussions belong to the individual staff member and are not necessarily those of the Malaghan Institute. 

Contact us

If you find content on one of our social media pages which you feel breaches these guidelines, please contact us.