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Dr Yasmin Nouri

Dr Yasmin Nouri received her PhD from the University of Otago under the supervision of Dr Robert Weinkove and Dr Rachel Perret within the CAR T-cell therapy programme at the Malaghan Institute. Her thesis looked at how the unique CAR T-cells developed at the Malaghan Institute are able to be activated and kill tumour cells effectively.

Yasmin is currently a Malaghan Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Research interests

"Utilising the immune system to treat cancer is a field that has advanced rapidly in the past decade. In particular, I am interested in CAR T-cell therapy, which is a treatment where the patient’s own immune cells are reprogrammed to fight their cancer. CAR T-cells have the potential to improve the treatment outcomes for many cancers, such as brain tumours, that currently have very low survival rates."