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Allergic & inflammatory disease

We’re investigating the underlying genetic and environmental factors that lead to allergic and inflammatory diseases to find new ways to target and treat these debilitating conditions.

Our goal is to prevent the development of allergic and inflammatory conditions. By using cutting-edge genetic and analytical technologies we’re uncovering the underlying triggers that cause dangerous and chronic inflammation.

Sometimes the immune system triggers inflammation to something it shouldn’t, like a peanut, pollen, or even the healthy cells lining the gut. There’s no one reason why this happens. It can be genetic, environmental factors, or just plain bad luck. Finding out why is an important area of research.

Allergic and inflammatory conditions tend to worsen with age, and preventing these conditions forming early in life is key to improving health and wellbeing.

Through fundamental research we can uncover the many and varied triggers that cause unwanted inflammation associated with allergic and inflammatory disease. Using this knowledge we can hone in on likely culprits to prevent these responses, and further development of allergic or inflammatory conditions.