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Shaving for Cancer

14 December 2011

Six weeks ago, in the midst of preparing for their final high school exams, two very caring Year 13 girls from Wellington, Catherine Tomlinson (Kat) and Harriet Small (Harry), did something wonderful.

Recently, Kat and Harry's friend, Harriet, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and after starting chemotherapy she began to lose her hair.

Kat and Harry said "we can't stop the cancer and we can't go through chemo for her but the one thing we can do, is make going bald a little bit easier, by shaving our heads with her. We don't want her to be bald alone, so instead we shall all be bald buddies!"

Not only did they shave their hair, Kat and Harry decided that they wanted to take the opportunity to turn their shave into a fundraiser for the Malaghan Institute to aid cancer research. Their aim was to get people to sponsor them and show their support and love for their friend Harriet, and the work of the Malaghan Institute.

After receiving an amazing amount of support from friends, family and even people they have never met, their efforts raised over $4,300! The money raised will support research being undertaken by Malaghan Institute Cell Survival Group Leader, Dr Melanie McConnell, into how to combat those cancer cells that can survive chemotherapy and potentially cause relapse.

We would like take this opportunity to thank everyone who got behind Kat and Harry and showed their support. To Kat, Harry and Harriet – thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in choosing to support the Malaghan Institute. You are an inspiration and have shown the amazing love and connection you have with each other.