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Scope 64 - Our people: Dr Laura Ferrer-Font

31 October 2017

As the potential of immunotherapy grows, so must our team of specialised staff and researchers. Dr Laura Ferrer-Font recently joined the Malaghan Institute as a postdoctoral research fellow after completing her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) in early 2017. She is excited to join our quest in developing world-leading cancer immunotherapies.

“I am very interested in treating cancer with immunotherapy. It is the main reason I was drawn to The Malaghan Institute. Here, the main belief is that many diseases are treatable by this approach and my own research only supports that. I personally want to investigate what is going on inside a tumour that makes it responsive or unresponsive to a certain therapy. Furthermore, I want to uncover the role of the immune system in current treatments, like chemotherapy.”