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Scope 47 - The scientists behind our cancer research

20 April 2012

Professor Mike Berridge's history with the Malaghan Institute dates back to the late seventies, when he came to the Institute as the second Malaghan Fellow. Fast-forward to today and Prof Berridge is leading the Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology research team as they apply their knowledge of cell biology to the treatment of human diseases, with a particular emphasis on cancer and diseases involving altered energy metabolism.

The Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology research group emerged in 1980, just a couple of years after the Malaghan Institute opened. Prof Mike Berridge and founding group member An Tan have since worked together on a large number of projects. Along with the help of a steady flow of PhD students, their work has lead to more than 90 international publications, one of which is amongst New Zealand's most highly cited original research papers - a direct measure of its scientific importance.

Currently working alongside Prof Berridge and An are Postdoctoral research fellow Dr James Baty, Research Officer Carole Grasso and MSc student Alanna Cameron. Prof Berridge says of the group, "The spark of excitement and novelty that ignited the group more than 30 years ago remains alive today."

Pictured above L-R: Dr James Baty, An Tan, Carole Grasso, Prof Mike Berridge

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