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Scope 46 - From the Director

25 October 2011

Every day kiwi families are faced with important decisions relating to their health. 

For some parents it might be whether or not to allow their young child to attend a friend’s birthday party because of the serious risks associated with that child coming into contact with a food they are allergic to.  Others might be lying in bed at night, listening to their baby’s cough, trying to decide whether it warranted a visit to the after hours medical clinic, but questioning whether they were simply overreacting.  Or the individual that has been suffering through the crippling pain of their throbbing sore toe, trying to continue on with life as normal, rather than bothering anyone because they are sure ‘it will be better in the morning’. 

Here at the Malaghan Institute we are recognised for our leading research into the big diseases affecting New Zealanders such as cancer.  However, our independence means that we also have the ability to research some of the less popularised diseases in our community, such as food allergy, bronchiolitis and gout, which can be just as debilitating to the lives of the people living with them.  In this issue of Scope we are proud to update you on these community-based research programmes.

Prof Graham Le Gros