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Scope 45 - The Scientist behind the research - Kylie Price

22 July 2011

The Malaghan Institute is proud to host the busiest flow cytometry facility in the country and provides access to state-of-the-art equipment.  This would not be possible were it not for the determination of Kylie Price, who oversees the whole operation. 

Kylie, who is supported by the generosity of the Hugh Green Charitable Trust, was interested early in a career in science.  She says that as a child of rural New Zealand, she was exposed to the realities and hardships of disease as it pertained to animals from an early age.  “These experiences created a passion for understanding what creates wellness and disease.  I wanted to find a career where I could be involved in positively affecting the health and wellbeing of people and believed that science was the tool I could use to achieve this goal.”

Very specialised training is required to operate the Institute’s four cytometers, which range in value from $100K to over a million dollars, and Kylie’s unique skill set and expertise has scientists from all over Australasia contacting her for assistance on a diverse range of projects – a challenge Kylie says she relishes. 

When not in the lab hunting for cancer stem cells, or analysing viruses from Antarctic sea ice, Kylie can be found out and about enjoying nature or indulging her love of languages (she is fluent in German and is currently learning Spanish with a vengeance!).