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Scope 45 - Meet and Greet

22 July 2011

One of the first faces that will greet you at the Malaghan Institute is that of Security and Reception Manager, Dominique Hawinkels.

Dominique has been a valued staff member of the Malaghan Institute for two decades – in fact, his 20 year anniversary passed this April.  He began as Administrative Technician back in 1991 when the Institute was located in Newtown at the Wellington School of Medicine.  Needless to say, he has been here for many of the important changes that the Institute has been through during that time, including the growth from 9 staff to over 80, a change of Director and the move to our current location in Kelburn. 

Dominique says that one of the things he likes most about working at the Malaghan Institute is discovery.  “Being involved in the magic that is scientific discovery is very motivating.  I also believe that the Institute is here to improve people’s lives through research and I am glad to be a part of that.  The great people who work here are also a bonus.”