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Scope 37 - Taking our cancer vaccine to the next level

3 October 2008

In the first of its kind for Wellington, the Malaghan Institute is combining its expertise in immunology and oncology with the engineering research institute Industrial Research Limited (IRL) to unlock the enormous commercial potential of our cancer vaccine. The collaboration brings together the cancer vaccine developed at the Malaghan Institute with a compound developed by IRL that makes the vaccine work even better. With $750,000 for the next three years from IRL, Grow Wellington and Victoria University's private enterprise liaison Victoria Link, the science-business collaboration hopes to carve out a slice of the burgeoning global vaccine market, which is worth around $16 billion dollars.

As the Malaghan Institute is a charitable trust there is a no real outlet for us to be able to develop the vaccine on our own. By sharing the ‘fruits of our discoveries' and working together with other organisations we have the opportunity to produce something that will have a significant impact on the health of New Zealanders. Any value that arises from the venture will be directed back into supporting the Institute's research programmes.

"There is an unmet need for such vaccine products in this country," said Professor Graham Le Gros.  "We hope our teams can crack it by working together to get it into the clinics."