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Scope 37 - Pillar of Immunology

3 October 2008

Pioneering research published by Malaghan Institute Director Professor Graham Le Gros early on in his career, has received the highest of honours by being selected as a "Pillar of Immunology" by international leaders in the field.  To date there have only been 30 such research papers (out of the many 100,000's going back to the 1960s) that have been awarded this prestigious title.

The extra ordinary scientific insight provided by Prof Le Gros' ingenious approach to understanding the basic biology of IL-4, one of the most influential proteins of the immune system, is as relevant today as it was when it was first published back in 1990.  The landmark research was undertaken while Prof Le Gros was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Dr William Paul at the National Institute's of Health, Bethesda, USA.   

Although there have been significant advancements in our understanding of how IL-4controls and directs immune responses since this work was first published, Prof Le Gros' research has withstood intense scientific critique for nearly 20 years, thus cementing its place in history as a classic immunology discovery.

The Malaghan Institute is proud to congratulate its Director on this remarkable achievement.