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Our top tips for boosting your immune system

24 April 2014

Whilst your immune system does a remarkable job of protecting you from disease-causing microorganisms, it can sometimes fail, allowing germs or other harmful pathogens to successfully invade and make you sick.

Here are our top three tips for boosting your immune system and ultimately promoting optimal health as we head into the cooler months:

1. Vaccination – This is the best thing you can do for your immune system. It provides it with all the information it needs to react appropriately and protect you against disease.

2. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle – The foods you eat play a significant role in shaping your overall health. In addition, it is important to exercise regularly and absorb vitamin D (via sunlight) wherever you can in order to help your immune system perform at its best.

3. Reducing stress – Stress suppresses your immune system, therefore it is vital to alleviate it where possible. Although this may seem difficult at times, maintaining tip number two can certainly aid in this process.