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Latest funding recognising impact of Malaghan scientists

7 May 2019

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research scientists have been recognised for their high quality of research in the latest round of Research for Life funding. Over $149,340 awarded to Wellington-based researchers, including Malaghan scientists for a number of different projects, including parasitic infections and the allergic response.

Dr Johannes Mayer, postdoctoral research fellow and part of the immune cell biology team, received $13,410.92 to undertake research into intestinal parasite infections. Malaghan collaborator Dr Lisa Connor, who lectures at Victoria University of Wellington, also received $15,300 to investigate the molecular cues shared between immune cells during the initiation of an allergic immune response.

Several travel grants were also awarded to Malaghan scientists. Travel plays a vital role in collaborate science, where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, technology and expertise boosts the pace of research and acts as a catalyst for new ideas and opportunities to find cures for disease. Dr Johannes Mayer, Dr Laura Ferrer-Font and master's student Kaitlin Buick all received separate travel grants to attend conference as close to home as Australia and as far afield as Canada.

You can see the full recipient list here.