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From the Director

4 August 2015

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science,” Albert Einstein once said.

I want share our excitement regarding new possibilities in brain research, bone marrow transfer, and links between our gut microbiota and our response to vaccinations.  They share a common theme of new angles and creativity. 

In the last issue we focussed on cancer immunotherapy and Professor Mike Berridge’s world first discovery in cellular biology.  Breakthroughs like this illustrate how real advances immediately open up potential for further discovery.

We also say goodbye to two French scientists who have both brought originality and inspiration to their research into parasitology and bioinformatics.  Their departure is more au revoir rather than goodbye as collaboration continues.  Time at the Malaghan Institute typically creates a bond of loyalty.

Loyal support continues to expand with close to half a million people watching Campbell Live on cancer immunotherapy, and a lecture by Dr Elizabeth Forbes-Blom being moved to a larger Auckland University lecture theatre, because demand outstripped the seating.  I could not be more optimistic given the breadth and depth of our research, backed by your extraordinary support.  I thank you all.