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French Ambassador visits Malaghan Institute

12 May 2014

Recently Professor Graham Le Gros (Director) hosted the French Ambassador  H.E. M. Laurent Contini at the Malaghan Institute.  Ambassador Contini was accompanied by Coopération Attaché Raphaël Isnard.

The visit was prompted by Ambassador H.E. M. Laurent Contini’s interest in medical science, and the key role that French scientists play in accelerating the pace of medical progress at the Malaghan Institute.

During the visit Ambassador Contini met with French Scientists Dr Tiffany Bouchery Smith (Research Fellow - Allergic and Parasitic Diseases Programme) and Dr Olivier Gasser (Senior Research  Fellow – Vaccine Therapy Programme) to discuss their current research.  

Ambassador Contini said of his visit, “We have been impressed with the quality of the research being undertaken and with the excellent research equipment. We particularly value the efforts of the Institute to fight against the various diseases which are a real threat to human health. We are convinced that these efforts will soon translate into concrete remedies, proving the efficiency of the Institute.”

We look forward to continuing our relationships with France and the French Embassy in the years to come.