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A big thank you to our wonderful fundraisers!

19 December 2013

We want to take this opportunity to share with you the progress of some of our fundraisers you may have read about over the past few months including Asha, Malinda, Rachel, Kirsten and Nelson. There are many ways you can support our research and we are grateful for the amazing lengths these individuals have gone to in order to make a difference.

Asha’s Hike for Health

Remember Asha (pictured above) who set off in September to walk the length of the South Island along the Te Araroa trail? We caught up with him recently only to find that his hike was put to an unexpected snowy stop! After making it to the mountains North of Tekapo - six weeks and 700km from his starting point in Bluff – he found himself at a snow-filled Stag Saddle, unable to pass and without any funds to continue. Although he ran out of money for his hike, Asha rallied support for his online fundraising page for the Malaghan Institute and two other charities close to his heart, raising nearly $700.

Now back at his home in Banks Peninsular, he has had time to reflect on the experience and says “There were some super highs and big lows, but overall it was amazing. I would like to extend a huge amount of thanks to everyone who helped me along my journey so far - the people I met on the road, generous souls who sponsored me food, accommodation or just spun a good yarn, as well as every one of you who liked/shared my page, or donated to the cause."

Asha, who will be heading to Wellington in the New Year to study linguistics and Spanish at Victoria University, says “It looks much more likely that the remainder of my mission will be carried out in sections, whenever I can steal away back into the wilds. Hopefully the segmented structure from here on will encourage some more people to come for a wander, those six weeks as a lone-wolf were... interesting.”

Good on you Asha. We admire your efforts and thank everyone who got behind you. To read more about Asha’s hike visit www.hikeforhealth.co.nz.

Malinda’s Christmas Day

Malinda Wynyard

Malinda Wynyard hopes that in her lifetime a cure for at least some forms of cancer can be found, or a treatment that doesn’t so horrifically damage the patients it is supposed to help. Her family has had their fair share of cancer. Currently her beloved grandmother is suffering from a second bout, this time inoperable.

Next week, on Christmas Day, Malinda will be shaving off her hair, and hopes that her grandmother will be able to remove the first strip knowing that something is being done to help anyone who has suffered like she has.

Malinda has so far raised over $3,300 of her $5,000 goal towards supporting cancer research at the Malaghan Institute and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has sponsored Malinda to date and to Malinda for her kind and selfless support.

To find out more or to contribute to Malinda’s fundraising efforts visit www.everydayhero.co.nz/malinda

The team that keeps on giving

Well done to Rachel Maries and Kirsten Mathews (pictured left) who successfully completed their goal of running the Adidas Auckland Marathon last month! Not only had they already raised a significant amount through mini-events such as movie nights, ‘spin-a-thons’ and their online fundraising page, earlier this month they recruited Nelson Doyle as part of a team to take part in the Iron Maori in Napier and together have now reached $4,750! They are not stopping there and are continuing their fundraising through the support of the wonderful Aurora Harriers who will donate $1 for every entry in the Porirua 5km series this summer – thanks Aurora Harriers!

To find out more about these individual’s amazing efforts you can visit their website here www.running4research.com/index.html

To find out more about the Aurora Harriers Porirua 5km Series you can visit their website here www.sportsground.co.nz/auroraharriers/88440/


Thank you Asha, Malinda, Rachel, Kirsten and Nelson - you inspire us all.