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Scope 48 - A patient's perspective

30 July 2012

Two years ago, I attended the opening of the Keith & Faith Taylor Cancer Research Laboratories at the Malaghan Institute, in the capacity of a patient with Non-curative Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma and a recipient of the Institute’s Compassionate Use Cancer Vaccine Programme. Recently, I learnt of the proposed 2013 Melanoma Clinical Trial and am absolutely thrilled.

From a patient’s perspective, scientific and medical advances and breakthroughs are incredibly important; particularly as patients with metastatic melanoma currently face few treatment options. I still believe a vaccine is our best chance of supporting and ‘backing’ our immune system in the midst of a cancer challenge. Put simply, the vaccine makes sense.

I am incredibly excited to learn the recruiting of melanoma patients will commence early 2013. The opportunity for patients to participate in the trials is fantastic news and I wish the team and all involved all the best.

I continue to remain well and achieved my dream trip to Ireland earlier this year, a dream I didn’t think possible three years ago.


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