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For all enquiries

+64 4 499 6914
+64 4 499 6915  


Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
Gate 7, Victoria University
Kelburn Parade,
New Zealand
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Postal address

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
PO Box 7060
Wellington 6242
New Zealand

Office hours

8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Donations, partnerships, bequests and gifts

There are a number of ways you can support medical research at the Malaghan Institute and help us achieve our goal of a healthier New Zealand.

For more information, please contact:

Jenny Sim
Head of Development
+64 4 499 6914 ext 811 | M 029 902 3538

Media enquiries

Please contact:

Hamish Cameron
Science Communicator
+64 4 499 6914 ext 862 | +64 21 242 2835

Gail Marshall
Head of Communications
P +64 21 360 432

Tours and speaker bookings

As a way of thanking community groups and individuals who actively support the Malaghan Institute, we offer tours of the Institute or can arrange a speaker for your event. A quarterly ballot is available for all other groups and individuals with an interest in visiting the Institute and learning more about research. Please note that tours are strictly limited, so contacting us well in advance is advisable.  

Please contact:

Jenny Sim
Head of Development
+64 4 499 6914 ext 811

Work with us

Visit our Work with us webpage to learn more about working at the Malaghan Institute.

Please note, the Malaghan Institute is not a health provider, and is not involved with the selection or recruitment of patients for clinical trials. If you think you may be eligible for a clinical trial that is being conducted in collaboration with the Malaghan Institute, please ask your specialist to consider referring you to the trial’s principal investigator. From time to time we do recruit healthy volunteers for our research studies, in which case we we will publicise the process for selection and recruitment as needed.