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The final leg of the Great New Zealand Trek

29 April 2019

Fourteen years, 2,613 kilometres and over $450,000 raised towards multiple sclerosis research. The Great New Zealand Trek reached its furthest and final destination in the southern region of Slope Point in late March with over 240 trekkers and 90 volunteers participating in the last leg of this monumental journey.

“It has been such a phenomenal and transformative experience,” says Professor Anne La Flamme, whose multiple sclerosis research programme has been supported by funds raised by the Great New Zealand Trek for the past 10 years.

“The support from the Trek, its board members, the volunteers and the attendants has been a vital component of our MS research programme, underpinning many of our scientific achievements and discoveries. I would like to personally thank Kitty and the rest of the Great New Zealand Trek Charitable Trust for everything they have done for MS research.”