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The legacy of Friends

6 September 2016

Professor Graham Le Gros recently said, “Money drives research discoveries. It is increasingly difficult to find enough funding each year to ensure the Institute’s scientists can continue their world leading research towards curing some of the world’s worst conditions”.

Recognising this financial challenge highlights the need for widespread support. It also recognises the integral part played by the Friends of the Malaghan in helping to achieve each year’s financial target. 

Friends have hosted many original, creative and fun events since they began in 1987. Dinners, cocktail parties, movie premieres, tennis parties, a love boat cruise, fashion shows, a Christmas fair, an Italian evening, an art exhibition, a jazz evening and many more!

Golf has also drawn many positive and committed people and businesses together. Friends in Wellington, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay (and in 2016 Taupō) have held charity tournaments since 1997 and raised $1.7 million. The heart of the Malaghan beats strongly in the provinces. There is always a need for friend-raising and networking, however, to share the work of the Institute, and the best advertising is word of mouth.

Some Friends stand out. These people give unlimited amounts of time to share the word that such a great cause deserves substantial financial support. They are a godsend.

Please consider becoming a Friend if you are not already – it is a very positive way to support our research and help make a difference for future generations.