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The Just Paterson team continue to make a difference

26 November 2015

Just Paterson and their passionate team members continue to make a difference to New Zealand-led medical research through their contributions to 2015 Malaghan Month, this November.

The Just Paterson team, together with their clients and friends, have made a huge impact in accelerating the pace of our cancer research. Not only have they raised vital funds, they continue to work hard on raising awareness in the community about the real potential for creating New Zealand’s first cancer immunotherapies here in Wellington.

Through the loss of the wonderful company co-founder Sally Paterson, a much loved wife, mother and colleague, grew a passion and a partnership between Just Paterson and the Malaghan Institute.

“We’re proud to play our part in connecting more people with the ground-breaking research happening at the Malaghan Institute,” says Ian Paterson, Just Paterson Director and husband of Sally. “We are in it for the long haul and like most of our relationships; our partnership with the Malaghan Institute is a long term one.”

New treatments and cures can only happen because of the support of people like our friends at Just Paterson who take pride in creating a brighter future for the health of New Zealanders. Just Paterson is a vital, and a virtual, part of the Malaghan Institute team.  Having our world-class scientists championed in our community means a lot and is a continual motivation for our research.

We couldn’t do it without Just Paterson.  Thank you to all.