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Scope 66 - Spectral cytometry taking off with second Aurora

30 July 2018

The Malaghan Institute’s Hugh Green Cytometry Core team have had their hands full with the addition of a second Cytek Aurora spectral flow cytometer to the technology suite. Having only recently acquired the first, the purchase of a second instrument was brought forward to meet demand.

“Demand for the Aurora has just taken off,” says HGCC team member Sally Chappell, “so the second one couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ll also be upgrading both instruments soon to further increase capacity.”

Part of the success of the Aurora lies in its ability to outclass traditional cytometers, including testing new and complex ways cells can be identified. For people like postdoctoral research fellow Dr Laura Ferrer-Font, being able to potentially carry out experiments she’d otherwise have to travel to Sydney to achieve will make a huge a lasting impact on her research.

The acquisition of the Auroras has been made possible thanks to the support from the Hugh Green Foundation