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Scope 42 - Keith & Faith Taylor Cancer Research Laboratories

16 July 2010

On 5 May 2010 the Malaghan Institute officially opened the Keith and Faith Taylor Cancer Research Laboratories. This facility, which includes two separate GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratories, will be used to support our vaccine research efforts.

A GMP laboratory is more sterile than an operating theatre and has many unique features that set it apart from other laboratories, such as light switches that are flush with the wall so that they don't gather dust.  By increasing the number of GMP certified laboratories at the Malaghan Institute, we have significantly enhanced our capacity to undertake clinical trials of vaccine therapies against cancer, asthma, TB and other diseases.

The laboratories were opened by the Hon Tony Ryall, Minister for Health, and demonstrate the Institute's sustained commitment to translating the work done at the lab bench into new and improved ways of treating disease. The ceremony was attended by the Taylor family, long-term supporters of the Malaghan Institute, whose generosity has made this new facility possible. Also in attendance were the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast, vaccine recipient Kathryn Williams and clinicians and senior representatives from Capital and Coast District Health Board.

Taking basic research results and converting them into whole new approaches to treating disease is no easy undertaking. It takes time, patience, an extensive network of clinical and research partners, and the support of generous individuals. The Malaghan Institute is now uniquely placed to be able to carry out this kind of work and we hope - we believe - that by doing so we will genuinely be able to offer more effective treatments against some of the most devastating diseases affecting New Zealanders.