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Sahara Charity Challenge - Movie Night Fundraiser

8 July 2012

Local Wellingtonians Greig Rightford and William Tokona are competing in the legendary Marathon De Sables in early 2013 - a 243 km endurance race across the Moroccan Sahara.  One of the reasons they are taking on this incredible challenge is to raise money for the Malaghan Institute!  You can read more about their story here.

As part of their build-up Greig and Willie are hosting a Movie Night Fundraiser on Thu, 26 July 2012 at 8.30 pm and invite you to come along.  All profits from the movie night will go to the Malaghan Institute.

Here is what Greig has to say:

What are the details? (check out our flyer)

"We invite all of you and your friends to a movie fundraiser at Empire Cinema at 8:30pm on 26 July to watch the final in the Batman Saga : The Dark Knight Rises!"

"We'll be able to show you why we're doing this, who it's for and what challenges we have ahead of us in the next few months! We only have a maximum of 120 seats available for the night so don't leave it to long!"

What do I have to do?

"All you have to do is register by depositing your money for your ticket/s by popping your name in the reference section of the online payment.

Name : Greig Rightford
Account # : 06-0529-0604576-23
Amount: $25.00 per person"


"If you see Willie or myself ask us for a ticket and pay cash!....beggars can't be choosers!!"

"This is a great cause and a Wellington initiative that deals with diseases that affect ALL of us, so find it in your heart to come along and show your support for this amazing Research Institute!"

"Hope to see you all soon!"

 Greig Rightford & Willie Tokona

Download the movie flyer as a pdf