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Run for Research 2015

3 December 2014

Join the Run for Research to help raise $50,000!

Support the Malaghan Institute at the 2015 Cigna Round the Bays to help our research into better treatments and cures for diseases such as asthma, allergies and cancer.

You will help raise funds to pay for essential equipment we regularly use, such as;

• IMDM Cell Culture Medium (500mL) : $40 - key component of any biological lab

• Live/dead fixable dye kit (400 tests) : $420 - allows for dead cells to be excluded from flow cytometric analysis - doesn’t sound too exciting but it is super important!

• Protein labelling kit: $800 - allows for proteins to be labelled with a fluorescent dye so that they can be tracked. Cells that take up those proteins will fluoresce with the same colour and can be detected by flow cytometry.

Run for Research is for people of all ages and fitness levels - anyone can take part! There is even some healthy competition through our Malghan Institute Team Challenge if you enter a team. 

Join now and make your run matter!

You can also Run for Research at events such as the Auckland Round the Bays, Taupo half marathon and Armstrong Motor Group Wellington Marathon. 

Signing up is quick and instantly creates an individual fundraising page which you can personalise to help motivate people to support you.

PLEASE NOTE: All Run for Research fundraisers must be registered to take part in Round the Bays 2015 wellingtonroundthebays.co.nz

Registrations opened Nov 3rd