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October is Malaghan month

10 October 2019

This month is Malaghan Month - when the extraordinary team at Just Paterson donate $1000 to the Malaghan Institute for every home they sell.

Just Paterson has been generously supporting the Malaghan Institute's cancer research since the tragic death of its co-founder Sally Paterson in 2009 to a rare form of brain cancer. This year's Malaghan Month is particularly poignant given the recent death of Sally's husband, Ian Paterson, who was a tireless champion for the Institute.

Through sponsorships, charity auctions and Malaghan Month, more than $300,000 has been raised by Just Paterson to hasten the pace of research at the Institute. Not only have they raised vital funds, they continue to work hard to raise awareness in the community about the real potential of cancer immunotherapy and the importance of joining together in the fight against the disease.

We are hugely grateful to Just Paterson for this enduring relationship.

To find out more about what's happening this Malaghan Month, follow the team on www.facebook.com/justpaterson