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Malaghan microscopy expert awarded advanced diploma

2 March 2023

Malaghan bio-imaging specialist Afonso Schmidt has received a Diploma from the Royal Microscopical Society, adding another feather to his cap and expanding the institute’s expertise in microscopic imaging.

“I had an amazing opportunity to undertake this flexible study to improve my knowledge in optical microscopy.

“The diploma was also an opportunity develop professional relationships in the microscopy field through its mentorship, which in my case was with Graham Wright who is Director of  the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore. He’s an incredible person and was a great mentor for me during the diploma,” says Alfonso.

“The whole experience was great for both my personal growth and professional development as a bio-imaging specialist.It’s brought new skills and techniques that I’ve learned to the Malaghan Institute which will help me to continue to support our scientists and research here.”

Microscopy is one of the key technology platforms our scientists use at the Malaghan to gain a deeper understanding of the immune system and its relationship to our health. By understanding how cells, tissues and organs interact with each other, we are able answer big questions about how the immune system works and make new discoveries.