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Malaghan Institute annual appeal 2018

21 February 2018

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is entering an exciting period and it is with great optimism that we enter this new year. Through the tireless work of our world-class scientists, we are on the cusp of achieving great things for New Zealand in the areas of cancer treatment, allergic diseases discovery and the basic biology of the immune system and what maintains its vitality.

As New Zealand's leading biomedical research institute, we rely on the support of the public to translate our medical discoveries to viable treatments for the benefit of patients.

2018 is set to be an outstanding year for the Malaghan Institute, with two significant clinical trials in the field of cancer to be carried out this year. The first, we are wrapping up the second phase of a melanoma vaccine clinical trial, which we hope will make a real impact in the lives of those suffering this disease.

Our CAR-T cell clinical trial - the first of it's kind in NZ - planned for towards the end of the year, aims to give New Zealanders early access to this cutting-edge treatment which is revolutionising cancer therapy worldwide.

We need your support to make this happen. To donate to the Malaghan Institute please visit our donations page here. If you would like to make a longer lasting contribution, you can start a conversation with our development team here

Thank you for your support in creating a healthier New Zealand.