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Hope for Eczema sufferers one step closer

3 December 2014

A $20,000 grant from Wellington charitable trust, the Nikau Foundation http://www.nikaufoundation.org.nz/ will fund Victoria University of Wellington PhD student Karmella Naidoo’s research at the Malaghan Institute, into eczema and its associated immune cell responses.

 “One in five New Zealand children suffers from eczema; an allergic disease that typically starts in infancy and results from an inappropriate immune response to innocuous substances such as house dust mites or pollen.

"Eczema can be a debilitating disease that affects the child as well as their family.  My hope is that this research will generate new knowledge that will improve the outcome for eczema and allergy sufferers", says Karmella.  “This generous grant will make this research possible, allowing us to better understand the immune events that drive allergic inflammation in the skin. It is our hope that these findings will identify new targets for the treatment and prevention of eczema.” 

The grant to Karmella was given by Nikau Foundation, on behalf of the Richard and Doreen Evans Charitable Trust.

Funds are created with Nikau Foundation: the capital remains intact and the distribution of the ongoing interest is given out in grants.

This latest grant to Malaghan Institute is from a total pool of $147,000 from 12 different funds.

 Kitty Hilton, Chief Executive, Nikau Foundation, says Nikau is part of the world’s fastest growing movement in philanthropy – Community Foundations.

 “Giving has changed. People want to invest in the future to make a lasting impact. By contributing through Nikau Foundation over time there is more to go around to organisations like Malaghan, for longer.”

About Nikau Foundation:

Nikau Foundation is the Community Foundation for the Greater Wellington Region

The Nikau Foundation is a unique charitable trust that attracts gifts, trusts and legacies and invests them for the benefit of the Greater Wellington region.

The income from these investments is distributed to charitable organisations in accordance with the donor's wishes, throughout the Greater Wellington Region.

The Foundation’s primary aim is to provide a simple, effective and long-lasting way for people in the Greater Wellington region to give to local causes now and in the future.