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From the Director

11 August 2014

We have a vision to transform medical discoveries into improved health outcomes for New Zealanders.

To translate scientific knowledge into medicine, we must continue to build an experienced multi-disciplinary team here at the Institute.  Only this combination of knowledge, experience and technology will provide a foundation for success in medical research.

In this issue, we are showcasing our new technology and explaining how it is transforming medical research now and into the future.

This expertise in medical technology is producing results. In April 2013, in collaboration with our partners including the Centenary Institute in Australia, we announced the discovery of a unique type of immune cell (ILC2) in the skin.  The significance of which is evidence that these cells can drive the development of allergic skin disease.

Our excitement is always tempered by our recognition that there is still so much to learn. While technology helps us reach a tipping point, human beings are the essential in every small step forward. It takes dedicated workers and the backing of a supportive community to make the best use of new information and improve the quality of life for us all.


This article features in the August 2014 issue of our Scope newsletter (Issue 54).  Download the full newsletter here - 506 KB (PDF)