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Flow Cytometry Upgrade

In July 2014, due to the outstanding support of the Hugh Green Foundation, we received four enormous crates containing the new BD Influx cell sorter and its compressors, as well as the biosafety hood and components that the Influx is now housed in.

A month later we began to dismantle our Vantage – the beautiful old cell sorter - which had given many years of tireless service, to prepare the lab for the month-long installation of the new cell sorter.

The photo illustrates the physical changes in technology.  Kylie Price holds a powerful red laser from the new Influx cell sorter.  It is 20 times smaller, but 8 times more powerful (120mW compared to 15mW) than the one from the Vantage. 

Previously undetectable signals from cells can now be picked up; giving us the potential to make ever more discoveries in our fight to find cures for the diseases that affect the lives of so many of us.

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