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Dr Stocker to speak about cancer in Nelson next week

8 March 2013

Dr Bridget Stocker will give a free public lecture at the Rutherford Hotel in Nelson next Wednesday, 13 March 2013. 

Entitled 'Cancer Therapy - An Historic Perspective', Dr Stocker will overview what we know about cancer and the ways it which it can be treated, as well as provide more detailed insight into some of the modern approaches being investigated at the Malaghan Institute to treat the disease. 

This event has been organised by Victoria University of Wellington and will also feature a talk by Dr Catherine Trundle from Victoria's School of Social and Cultural Studies on 'Social and Cultural Perspectives on Health'. 

View the Media Advisory "Researchers to share insights on cancer and health" from Victoria University of Wellington about the event.

MORE About Dr Stocker's lecture

Human beings have experienced cancer throughout history, with the oldest recorded description of the disease dating back to 3000 BC.  Since then, there has been much progress in mankind’s definition and understanding of cancer. The terminology ‘cancer’ (carcinos or carcinoma) was first used by Hippocrates (460-370 BC) to reflect the finger-like lesions that protrude from cancerous tissue and which call to mind the image of a crab. The cause of cancer, however, was not really understood until the 20th Century, when many different theories arose. Similarly, cancer treatments have undergone many evolutionary stages, with therapies such as surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy, being joined by more modern approaches such as immunotherapy and targeted drug treatments.

The lecture details:

Where:  Rutherford Hotel, Trafalgar Square, Nelson
When:   Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Time:    5.30 to 8 pm


People wishing to attend the lecture should email [email protected] with 'Health' in the subject line or phone 04 472 1000 by Monday 11 March 2013.