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Celebrating Day of Immunology 2011

30 May 2011

Since 2005, the 29th of April has marked Day of Immunology in many countries across the globe.

This year's event fell on the same day as the Royal Wedding so 'marriage' between the immune system and microbes was chosen as the theme for the Malaghan Institute's Day of Immunology celebrations.

A series of short public lectures were given by senior Malaghan Institute Immunologists Prof Graham Le Gros, Dr Joanna Kirman and Dr Anne La Flamme, discussing how microbes can be used to regulate immune responses that affect diseases including cancer, asthma, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

"While some microbes can be linked to disease in humans," says Dr Joanna Kirman, Infectious Diseases Group Leader at the Malaghan Institute, "others can help promote a healthy life and we can use them to fight disease. The balance between microbes and humans is delicate and complex."

The lectures took place at Victoria University of Wellington and were followed by a 'reception' where attendees had the chance to speak directly with our presenters.

"A Marriage of Convenience – Partnering with microbes for better health" public lecture, 29 April 2011

The Malaghan Institute also hosted a quiz night on the 5 May called "Plagues and Pestilence". With this event we endeavoured to nourish the public with immunology in the guise of pizza and crisps, and stimulate their minds with interesting facts about the immune system.

“Plagues and Pestilence” Quiz night, 5 May 2011

Both events were filled to capacity making this year's Day of Immunology celebrations our most popular yet.

We would like to acknowledge the Australasian Society for Immunology for supporting our 2011 Day of Immunology events.

Please keep an eye on our website to find out more about our plans for the 2012 Day ofImmunology.