Therapeutic Hookworm Phenotyping Study

Study title: CHHIM Study - Therapeutic Hookworm Phenotyping Study
Locality: Wellington, New Zealand
Ethics committee ref: 19/CEN/81
Lead investigator: Dr Stephen Inns (University of Otago Wellington)

Thank you for expressing an interest in participating in our research project.

We are seeking Wellington-based volunteers who have no pre-existing allergic, autoimmune or inflammatory gut conditions to infect with a low-dose of the human hookworm Necator americanus. The study will take place over the course of 12 months, with participants regularly visiting the Malaghan Institute located in Kelburn, Wellington. We will be monitoring immunological, microbiological and metabolic changes in our volunteers.

To apply to participate in this study, please read, complete and return the participant information sheet and eligibility questionnaire to

Please note that all answers are confidential and will be securely held at the Malaghan Institute and destroyed once the trial has concluded. Not all who complete the forms will be accepted, and due to high levels of interest we will be unable to respond to every submission. Completing the form means you consent to being approached by a member of the study team to complete the recruitment process.