Payroll giving: employees

Payroll giving lets you donate to the Malaghan Institute directly from your pay. You'll receive immediate tax credits, reducing the amount of (PAYE) tax you'll owe.

Download the employee payroll giving form.

How it works

Payroll giving is easy. Your employer deducts your regular donation amount directly from your your pre-tax pay, reduces the PAYE by the appropriate tax credit (calculated at 33.33 cents per dollar), then forwards the donation to the Malaghan Institute.


The Malaghan Institute is an IRD-approved donee organisation. Visit for more information.

Why donate through payroll giving?

Payroll giving makes donating to the Malaghan Institute easy by eliminating the need to hold onto receipts, or file a tax rebate claim. Your nominated donation is taken out of your pay before tax, giving you an immediate tax credit.

Joining is voluntary. Some workplaces offer encouragement by matching employee donations dollar for dollar - perhaps it's time to ask your organisation to do the same!

Talk to your employer today about setting up payroll giving - and make a real different in the impact home-made medical research has for the lives of New Zealanders. If your employer is already set up for payroll giving you can download and complete the employee donor form, then give the completed form to your employer's payroll giving representative.

Why choose the Malaghan Institute?

The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand's leading independent biomedical research institute. For more than 50 years, we've been delivering cutting-edge researching to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Our research focuses on harnessing the innate power of body's own defence mechanism - the immune system - to treat and cure some of our most devastating diseases.

All donations to the Malaghan Institute go directly towards our research programmes, which include:

- Cancer

- Asthma & allergy

- Gut health

- Brain health

- Multiple sclerosis

- Parasitic disease

For more information please contact our team or call us on +64 4 499 6914.