Our Scope newsletter goes out three times a year and is available in electronic and hard copy form. It is a colourful, easy-read update of our research and community events.  

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Annual report

The annual report is a record of our research, governance, finance and community engagement activities for the 12 months from 1 August to 31 July. Hard copies of the annual report are available on request, or you can download a pdf below. 

Scope 61

Human worms: friend or foe? Worldwide efforts target the effects of parasitic worms on the immune system.

Scope 61 - 1.7 MB (pdf)
Scope 60

Enjoy our celebration Golden Anniversary issue of Scope. 

Scope 60 - 550 KB (pdf)
Scope 59

Find out why a leading American neurosurgeon chose to work with us.

Scope 59 - 428 KB (pdf)
Scope 58

Welcome to Scope 58 newsletter - our final for 2015.

Scope 58 - 3.8 MB (pdf)
Scope 55

Nov 2014 - In this issue we highlight the vital role our supporters play in bringing research into the community.

Scope 55 - 493 KB (pdf)

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