Our people

The Hugh Green Cytometry Core team

Pictured from left: Kylie Price, Alfonso Schmidt, Samantha Small, Sally Chappell.

Our team needs to stay on top of new techniques and technologies, as well as to develop creative applications for the existing technology platforms. Currently, we house the most advanced flow cytometers in New Zealand and have been credited with introducing multicolour flow cytometry to this country's scientists.

A big part of our role is ensuring all our expensive pieces of technology are clean, well maintained, have daily quality control checks and are thus operating optimally. This means users are able to get the best quality results that these advanced platforms can offer.

Our team has developed significant expertise in several different fields, such as tissue sectioning, immunohistochemistry and fertility testing.  The beauty of the technology we run is that just about any type of cell, bead, organ, tissue or bacteria can be analysed, and more can be discovered about how that “thing” works.  We have worked with samples as varied as bacteria from Antarctic sea-ice to human brain tumours.

Our team is passionate about promoting the use of our amazing technologies to anyone who will listen!  We are also able to run highly specialised versions of the same technology, such as our flow cytometer, which is capable of isolating pure populations of cells (the cell sorter). 

We provide a wide range of services both for Malaghan Institute scientists and any others who may need our help.