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Allergic & Parasitic Disease

Programme Leader: Professor Graham Le Gros

Research Fellows: Dr Tom Mules , Dr Francesco Vacca

The allergy and parasitic diseases research group, led by Professor Graham Le Gros, focuses on understanding how the immune system responds to allergens or parasites in the skin and lung.

Their current research includes investigating the role of IL-4 and IL-13, two CD4 T cell-derived cytokines that appear to play dominant roles in skin and lung immunity and pathology. 

The second major area of work is focused on understanding how parasites induce Type 2 immune responses in their hosts and how these immune responses can be used therapeutically to treat inflammatory diseases of the skin and lung of humans. Currently, the group is focused on developing scientific methods that enhance the effective use of  hookworms (Necator americanus) as a therapeutic strategy for human inflammatory diseases in the skin and gut.

The long-term goal of this research group is to develop effective treatments against asthma, allergy and parasitic disease.