Dr Kerry Hilligan

Dr Kerry Hilligan is an International Research Fellow in Prof. Franca Ronchese’s Immune Cell Biology Programme and is currently based in Dr. Alan Sher's lab at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA.

Kerry joined the Malaghan Institute in 2012 to undertake post-graduate research in the Immune Cell Biology Programme. Her research has centred around a rare population of innate immune cells, known as antigen-presenting cells (APC), that play vital role in initiating and shaping immune responses.

Research interests

"I am interested in understanding the innate immune pathways involved in initiating and shaping adaptive immune responses. I have a particular interest in antigen-presenting cell (APC) populations, which are known play an important role in dictating the outcome of immune responses. I am working to understand the mechanisms by which various APC subsets recognise and respond to material from different pathogens and allergens, and ultimately, regulate the function of effector immune cells. The aim of this research is to inform vaccine design and assist with therapeutic strategies for autoimmune and allergic diseases.

" I am currently investigating how the immunological history of an individual may shape the composition and function of their antigen-presenting cells (APC) compartment. I am using pre-clinical models to test the effects of various inflammatory and infectious stimuli on the developmental trajectory and functional capacity of APC populations in both the short- and long-term."

Research group



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