Dr Jeffry Tang

Jeffry completed his PhD at the School of Chemical Sciences, the University of Auckland, under the supervisions of A/Prof Robert F. Anderson and Prof Laurence Melton in 2018. His thesis investigated the molecular mechanisms by which bioavailable phenolic metabolites derived from the extensive metabolism of blueberry polyphenols could alleviate oxidative stress-induced endothelial dysfunction. Following his PhD training, he worked at the Centre for Free Radical Research, the University of Otago Christchurch, where he studied the relationships between the levels of a variety of protein and small-molecule markers of oxidative stress, with aspects of human health and development.

Jeffry is a postdoctoral research fellow in Dr. Olivier Gasser’s translational immunology team.

Research interests

"The limited bioavailability and extensive metabolism of many dietary compounds have piqued my interests in investigating how different metabolites generated during the first-pass and microbial metabolisms of these compounds can benefit immune cell function. I am particularly interested in better understanding how these metabolites could impact immune tolerance towards normal intestinal flora, while simultaneously boosting responses against pathogens and other stimuli deleterious to immune homeostasis."

Research group



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