Ruby White featured on The Hutt Zone - Wellington Access Radio

11 May 2017, Allergies, Dendritic Cells

Ruby White, Research Officer in our Immune Cell Biology Programme spoke to John MacDonald from the The Hutt Zone - Wellington Access Radio about our research and how we use RNA sequencing to understand the role of dendritic cells in allergic responses. 

You can listen to Ruby White's interview here:

Ruby White grew up in Wellington, and has always had an interest in what makes us unique and the role that nature vs nuture play. This interest lead her to Dunedin where she studied Genetics at the University of Otago. After completing her Bachelor of Science with Honours, she joined the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research in 2016 as a Research Officer. She says: "I now apply my genetics background to studying the immune system, specifically to investigate how allergic responses occur."