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Understanding the immune system: Summer Times series with RNZ

17 January 2019

This summer Malaghan Institute scientists spoke with Lynn Freeman, presenter for the Radio New Zealand Summer Times series, about the many different applications of the immune system for treating and curing disease.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer cell biology programme leader Professor Mike Berridge talks to Lynn Freeman about cancer immunotherapy and the science behind mitochondria and its important role in cancer and human disease.

Understanding the allergy epidemic

Allergic responses expert and immune cell biology programme leader Professor Franca Ronchese lends her opinion and understanding on why so many Kiwis struggle daily with allergies, and why we're in the midst of a global rise of allergic diseases.


Vaccinating asthma

Malaghan Institute director and asthma, allergy and parasitic disease programme leader Professor Graham Le Gros has been on the hunt for a cure for asthma for many years. Using parasites like human hookworm to understand the inner mechanisms of the immune response might be our best chance in finding a cure.


Microbiology and immunology

Translational immunology programme leader Dr Olivier Gasser rounds off the RNZ Summer Times series with Lynn Freeman, talking about the vast role our gut bacteria play in human health and immunology. In particular, Dr Gasser and his team are looking at how our nutrition and gut affect influence our immune responses and consequently our health and well being.