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Scope 65 - Our people: Dr Katherine Woods

4 May 2018

The Malaghan Institute welcomed the talented Dr Katherine Woods to our Translational Immunology programme at the beginning of 2018. Hailing from Ireland, Dr Woods received her PhD from Trinity College Dublin and most recently worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Melbourne. Dr Woods brings a wealth of expertise in immunology and cancer research to the Institute.

“My work at the Malaghan Institute will be looking at the relationship between the gut and other body sites in the development of allergic disease. In particular, we’re interested in how the gut microbiome affects the development of the immune system. The majority of our immune cells reside in the gut and the dynamic interactions between the diet, gut microbiota and our immune cells are fascinating, and only beginning to be understood. Through experimental models we can address these questions to find out more about how these interactions are occurring, and ultimately how we may manipulate them therapeutically.”