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Professor Graham Ogg visiting the Malaghan Institute

27 January 2017

Earlier this week we welcomed Professor Graham Ogg, Professor of Dermatology, MRC Human Immunology Unit & Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Wetherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxon. Oxford, UK.

His seminar “Lipid-specific T cells and the skin” and his join-in in several research group meetings was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge about immune responses in mechanisms of disease, treatment and vaccination and the challenges in translating our scientific discoveries into real-world impact in human health.

Professor Graham Le Gros, Director of the Institute says it is very important to understand all steps involved in an allergic reaction, starting with the role of the skin as part of our body immune system. By studying T cells that cause the symptoms of asthma and allergy in the skin, it is hoped to enhance vaccine response for these diseases.