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Associate Professor Ian Hermans

BSc(Hons) (Otago), MSc(Distinc) (Otago), PhD(VUW)

Deputy Director of Research, Vaccine Therapy Programme Leader

Overseeing the Malaghan Institute's involvement in our cancer vaccine clinical trials is Associate Professor Ian Hermans, Head of the Vaccine Therapy Programme. Associate Professor Hermans studied dendritic cell-based vaccination with Professor Franca Ronchese at the Malaghan Institute between 1995 and 2001, before taking up a position at the Tumour Immunology Unit, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, at the University of Oxford, UK. In 2005 Associate Professor Hermans returned to the Malaghan Institute and was awarded a Sir Charles Hercus Research Fellowship from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to pursue his research into improving the potency and efficacy of vaccines by exploiting the activity of NKT cells. His group has shown that NKT cells have the capacity to directly enhance the function of dendritic cells, and thus indirectly influence the quality of the whole immune response.

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Research Interests

The overall goal of my research is to design more effective vaccines against diseases such as cancer. It is known that white blood cells called T cells can kill tumour cells. Vaccines that induce the activity of T cells therefore hold considerable promise as new therapeutic agents.

We are looking at the specific immune cell populations involved in eliciting effective immune responses to vaccination, including the dendritic cells responsible for stimulating T cells, and other less well-known cells such as Natural Killer T (NKT) cells that contribute to the induced response. Working together with chemists, we are aiming to define compounds that can be incorporated into vaccines to ensure optimum, coordinated activity of all of the immune cells involved.

We are also exploring how other therapies for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation and hyperthermia, affect the immune system, with a view to combining these therapies with vaccination.

We work closely with New Zealand leaders in the fields of immunology, medicinal chemistry and clinical oncology to test our vaccines in cancer patients.

Research Group

Vaccine Therapy Programme
Honours Student: Ellie-May Jarvis
Senior Research Fellow: Dr Olivier Gasser
Vaccine Therapy Programme Leader: Associate Professor Ian Hermans
Clinical Research Fellows: Dr Robert Weinkove
Clinical Trials Manager: Evelyn Bauer
Research Officer/GMP Production: Dr Brigitta Mester
Rachel Middlemiss
Research Nurse: Catherine Wood
Senior Research Officers: Astrid Authier
Kathryn Farrand
Research Officers: Ching-Wen Tang
Dr Nathaniel Dasyam
PhD Students: Olivia Burn
Joshua Lange
Masters Student: Emma Petley
Research Fellows: Dr Lindsay Ancelet
Dr Taryn Osmond
Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Dr Mary Speir



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